Check Authentication of Payments on Online Donation Sites

You must check the security of sites that provide online donation facilities before donating. This is done because the site may contain spyware or something. So when you fill in personal data such as account numbers, credit card numbers or others, they can easily steal them. One of the things you can do is to see a green padlock icon on the browser’s URL contacts. Basically, the icon will appear on sites that are safe to visit. This step is very important to remember because it concerns the money to be paid for donations later. Of course, you do not want the money that has been devoted to helping the people in need of being diverted by irresponsible parties for their personal needs. For that check the certificate verification on the page donation online website. The trick is to look for certified MasterCard SecureCode, Verified by Visa, and American Express SafeKey on the page. If any, then your transaction is guaranteed, no need to worry to deposit funds for donations, because fundraising for nonprofits has been tested for security.

If you feel there is something odd in the online donation procedure, but it has already transferred some funds, then immediately report it to your bank. Do not wait a long time, this is done to anticipate the event of an unwanted event. If there is a suspicious transaction, then the bank can directly block your account. Online donation is the right choice for you who are busy in everyday activities to help others. Understand in advance about the background of institutions or organizations that will raise funds before making a donation. That way you will avoid the things that are not desirable and donations reached the people in need. In some cases, the account of the accumulated funds is the student’s account. In addition, it is not advisable to send donation money to an unknown institution via bank transfer or money transfer service company. This is done because this method does not provide proper liability protection to you in the event of fraud.