Uric Acid and Diabetes Can Be Triggering

One of the points we described earlier says that many foods that trigger diabetes can also trigger uric acid. And so when you with any of the conditions do not keep the strict diet that you should run, you will also increase the risk of other diseases. A number of foods and beverages such as alcohol and tape are examples of banned intake for people with diabetes and gout. Because alcohol and acid fermented foods will produce high sugar compounds and very high purine content. Want to heal diabetes? You can use Somann products that are rich in 39 natural ingredients and have gained recognition as the following info biz.kompas.com/read/2017/02/22/081000928/jangan.sampai.diamputasi.obati.diabetes.dengan.soman.

People with diabetes and gout should also avoid solid protein foods such as offal, red meat, goose meat and some types of solid fleshy fish such as sardines and tuna. This is because some of these foods contain cholesterol. Cholesterol is one intake that is strongly discouraged for both types of diseases. Beyond the aspect of purine levels of some of these foods is relatively high. And because most of the foods that are not recommended for people with diabetes and gout will burden the performance of the kidneys. The key to both diseases lies in the kidneys. Because the body actually already has a kidney organ that works to remove excess composition of certain compounds in the blood to the urine.