Ayahuasca shouldn’t be used to get high

Drugs are the most problematic thing that the modern society has to deal with today. It poisons the body and corrupts the mind as well. You can expect that the addiction can be hard to be cured, and the treatments can be expensive too. That’s why the alternative method which is highly effective like Ayahuasca Retreat is so recommended, despite the fact that many doctors are doubting its potency.

Unfortunately, there are some irresponsible people out there who are using this ancient and sacred medicine of the Amazonian tribe the wrong way. Instead of using the psychedelic effect of this plant as a way to cure your depression and stress, they use it for recreational purposes instead. This is obviously a wrong way to use this excellent plant. Aside from offending the Amazonian tribe culture, they’re also making this ancient plant to be banned in many countries. Other than that, the risk of having more depression because of no preparation before drinking the ayahuasca tea can be very high.